Student “shadow” board

Students have requested and the SD83 Board unanimously approved, an opportunity to ‘shadow’ the Board as part of an interactive and authentic educational experience.

Assistant Superintendent Carl Cooper reports on April 3 five students from Graham Gomme’s Politics 11/12 class at Salmon Arm Secondary gave a presentation to the Board’s Education Directions Committee regarding a “Student Shadow Board” initiative.

Their proposal was that one or two students would be assigned to each trustee for the purpose of conducting interviews. The Student Shadow Board also plans to attend regular Board meetings and to occasionally give presentations to the Board (following the usual process for requesting time before the Board).

“Students have an interest in learning about citizenship, board operations, and the democratic process of elected school boards. The Board’s support of this engaging educational activity will provide an excellent opportunity for Board members to interact directly with students, and for students to gain additional understanding and insight into the democratic process of school boards,” Cooper stated during his presentation.

Now that it has been approved it is expected the Student Shadow Board will be put together as soon as possible. “I fully expect this will be a recurring request and an ongoing opportunity for students,” noted Cooper.