Communications plan approved

The SD83 Board of Education gave approval to communication goals and to a communications plan at its meeting at Eagle River Secondary School on Tuesday.

“This is one of the operational plans in support of our strategic plan, specifically in partial support of the organizational efficiency goal,” explained Superintendent of Schools/CEO Peter Jory at the Board meeting on Tuesday. “It sets out how the district and schools communicate, both internally through departments and sites, and externally between staff and non-employee stakeholders. It will do this by establishing goals and strategies that will guide staff work, and by clarifying our communication methods to all stakeholders.”

The goals set in the plan are:
• Consistent and authentic engagement with all stakeholders
• Clear, focused, timely and purposeful messaging from the school district

See District Communications Plan here

During his presentation he noted that once approved, the plan will be converted into a professional quality pamphlet for both electronic and hard copy distribution.

Trustee Marty Gibbons questioned whether the district should be using more current technology than email to contact parents, such as text blasts. However, Vice-Chairperson Quentin Bruns noted that in last year’s communications survey it was indicated the majority of respondents preferred to be contacted by short emails.

Jory commented, as with most plans, they need to be re-visited and updated. “After the next survey we may need to update this. Feedback is ongoing. The communications plan allows us to clarify with the public and employees how we do business.”

Trustee Amanda Krebs said the first time she read through the plan she thought it seemed good. “Then I got the wellness survey and communication is an issue. Is there something we need to add, focus on or consider?” Jory replied that the communications plan was done in advance of the wellness survey, but it should address many of the concerns, and added, “When you change the way you do business it is not necessarily perceived differently right away. It takes time.”

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