School Fees

Superintendent Peter Jory brought information to the Board on the current fee structure for students, saying there was a great deal of variety from school to school and he would like to have consistency across the district.

He also stated he felt in some cases the fees did not fully align with the spirit of the School Act or the district’s own school fees policy.

“I think if we eliminate fees that are frustrating or seen to be unfair, it is a good thing. We will be less in the collection business. I believe it will improve relationships and allow us to talk more about teaching and learning.”

He brought together a Working Group which looked into the fees and recommended a new fee structure, which will be presented to the Board for a decision in June.

“There is a cost pressure with the change, as augmenting school budgets will impact the the district budget process, which is why I am bringing it to your attention now,” he noted.

The recommended fee structure:

  • School purchased supply package: $35
  • Planner or Agenda: $10
  • Lock: $5
  • Activity Fee: $20
  • Cultural Performances: $10

A recommendation around this will be brought to the Board in June.