Board briefs

Board Strategic Planning Session

Later this Spring the Board will be doing a session to develop a workplan for the upcoming school year.

Trustee Amanda Krebs commented the Board is not re-doing the District’s strategic plan but rather is putting together a working plan for the whole year so they know what is coming up.

“The Board can set goals for the Board . . . what is going to be our four year legacy. It will give us a chance to talk to stakeholders. I’d like to see a working plan in place for the next school year. We can share it with everyone so they know what is happening at each Board meeting.”

Agenda Setting

Trustee Marty Gibbons commented he wanted to go on record as being opposed to the way agendas are set. Currently the Board Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary-Treasurer and Superintendent are involved in setting the agenda. “I strongly believe it should be open to all trustees and the public.”

Update on Silver Creek

Director of Operations Trevor Bettcher reported to the Board that WorkSafe B.C. had conducted a site inspection of the asbestos breach at Silver Creek Elementary. The District is now waiting to hear back from WorkSafe. As well, a meeting will be held Thursday night (March 14th) at 7 pm for community members who want to know more.

Funds Brought Forward

With Ministry of Education approval approximately $100,000 of targeted Aboriginal Education funding was underspent in the SD83 2017-18 budget and carried forward to 2018-19.

The money was accumulated mainly due to staffing changes, and the inability to find replacement staff. The money was re-allocated to the 2018-19 budget and a report sent to the Ministry detailing how it was spent in accordance with Ministry guidelines.

Radon Testing

Director of Operations Trevor Bettcher reported SD83 will be conducting radon tests in all of the district’s active schools starting in the fall. If any of the results are irregular, a more in-depth test will be done and mitigation measures put in place.

Krebs noted that, hypothetically, mitigation can be extremely expensive. “Are we going to get money to fix it?”

Bettcher noted that there are several measures open to them in dealing with any radon, including bringing in fresh air. “Of course, it all depends on what you find.”

Risk Assessment

Secretary-Treasurer Alanna Cameron brought information to the Board on work being done to address the key risks identified in the KPMG Risk Assessment Summary and Risk Register of the School District, which was one of the recommendations of the Watson Report. This included the risk ranking, potential risk drivers and a summary of current mitigation activities/compensating controls for each risk.

An action plan for four risks delegated to the Finance and Facilities Committee was shared with trustees at the meeting. The plan can be viewed here.