Pink Shirt Day

I was honoured to be invited to South Broadview yesterday to talk about the importance of kindness and inclusion as ways to make our students and communities better and stronger.  Was impressed by the leadership students at South Broadview who organized a great assembly.  The students and staff also had RCMP (Cst. Jeremy Rands), Mayor (Alan Harrison), Councillor (Debbie Cannon), Indigenous Educator (Meredith Rusk), Secwepemc Elder (Gerry Thomas),  School Board Chair (Marianne VanBuskirk) all presenting.  Students also sang two terrific songs of inclusion, community and taking care of each other under the direction of music teacher Joan Montgomery and lead organizer Kathleen Miege. Students were incredibly respectful and attentive given the number of speakers and length of the assembly (1 hour – is a long time to sit when you are 5).  Great job students!!

Again my thanks to South Broadview students and staff and to our community presenters for participating and sharing their stories.  #pinkshirtday #83learns #sd83school #sd83 #antibullying #kindnessConstable Tyler Rands

Carl SB Pink Shirt Day2