One budget wrapping up another beginning . . .

The School District No. 83 Board of Education passed its amended annual budget for the 2018-19 school year at its meeting on Tuesday and began preparations for the 2019-20 budget.

Secretary-Treasurer Alanna Cameron took the Board through the changes in the amended $83,753,585 million annual budget which occurred since the preliminary budget was passed in June.

As she took the Board through the various budgets (operating, capital, special purpose funds) which comprise the overall budget, she noted all of the major changes had been approved at other Board meetings.

See complete budget document here

Trustee Amanda Krebs commented she had carefully gone through the report and didn’t have any additional questions.

The report will now be signed, sent to the Ministry and posted on the District’s websites.

Still with the budget, the Board also passed Terms of Reference, a budget timeline, and budget guiding principles for the upcoming 2019-20 budget process.

One addition to the budget consultation is the addition of a “Talking Tables 2019” event. This will be an opportunity for trustees to hear directly from the field. There will be facilitated interactive group discussion around key educational topics/issues to ensure priorities are established prior to determine where budgets are allocated. It is also an opportunity for partner groups to present and share values and perspectives directly with trustees and senior leadership.

Complete report here