Libraries changing!

District Teacher-Librarian Geri Ellis and Vice-Principal Steve Drapala introduced trustees to the changing world of libraries to Library Learning Commons in a presentation at The Board of Education meeting on Tuesday at Pleasant Valley Secondary School in Armstrong.

Steve Drapala and Geri Ellis

This past year Carlin Elementary Middle School, with Teacher-Librarian Geri Ellis, has been piloting a library learning commons, which is quite a different look than what many might think a library should be!

Yes there are books but there is also technology. It is a space which blends both physical and virtual environments. It is also a place which encourages collaboration and a culture of inquiry. “It is shifting from a culture of consuming information to one of creating information,” added Drapala, which blends right in with the new curriculum and inquiry based learning.

It is not just the space and the activities within the space that change, but also the role of the librarian. The Teacher Librarian also collaborates with colleagues, both within the library and in the classroom, to share the specialized skills, knowledge and training they have.

Drapala said before the pilot was established a group of them visited other library commons in Merritt, Kelowna and Saanich.

“The magic is setting them in action. I saw it replicated in Geri’s library. The students are engaged and collaborating.”

After showing a video about activities at Carlin’s Library Learning Commons, Ellis invited trustees to come out and see it in action.

Drapala said at Jackson they are also taking some small steps to move the library towards becoming a learning commons.

Their presentation can be viewed here