Field trips approved

The paperwork has caught up and the two field trips that were originally presented at the January Board of Education meeting were given approval in principle to proceed.

The first trip given approval is to Paris, France by Salmon Arm Secondary (Jackson) while the other is to Italy and Greece, being organized by Pleasant Valley Secondary (PVSS) but open to all district secondary students. Both are for spring break in March 2020.

Teacher April (Friesen) Dam is organizing the trip to Paris, through Voyages Tour Etudiant (VTE) for approximately 20-30 grade 9-11 students.

In her paperwork she explains that as a French teacher, she sees the value of immersing students in the culture of the target language they are studying. During the trip students will have the opportunity to witness firsthand the history, language, and monuments that make up a big part of who the French people are. 

The trip was approved with the recommendation that there are adequate chaperone numbers and trip insurance.

The second trip discussed is to Italy and Greece and is being organized by teacher Paul Britton of PVSS and is for students in Grade 9-12. It is expected between 30 and 35 will take part.

In his presentation Britton wrote global awareness is more essential than ever. Experiences with new cultures open students eyes to the world they live in. The trip, which is run through EF Educational Tours, will include a visit to the Sistine Chapel, St. Peters Basilica, the Colosseum, and the Temple of Apollo.


    1. Communications

      Hi Dana … more information is available from the schools organizing the trips. For the Italy/Greece trip it is Paul Britton at (250) 546-3114 for the trip to Paris it is April Dan at Jackson at 250 832-2136.
      Hope that helps!

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