Peeking into the future

Grade 4 to 6 students at South Canoe Elementary’s Outdoor Learning Program recently had the opportunity to spend a day at Salmon Arm Secondary Sullivan’s Campus to take a quick peek into what the “big kids” are doing and what courses they might be interested in when they get there!

Students started the day with a tour of the school as well as a mini science lesson with SAS teacher Dave Ramsey! From there it was off to visit teacher Chris Harrington’s class and learn about 3D Printing.

The students then headed to teacher Graham Gomme’s classroom where Grade 11-12 Civics students teamed up to show them how to use the BC Tomorrow Simulator.

The innovative BC Tomorrow software allows users to see the impact of many environmental and human factors on the environment, economy and society, and is being spearheaded by SAS teacher Dave Ramsey with help from the BC Tomorrow Society and staff and students of SD83.

The land-use simulator is a web-based, spatial mapping software that gives users the ability to view land-use relationships and understand the cumulative effects of multiple overlapping human land uses with natural forces like wildfire and climate change.

Ramsey first demonstrated historical change in their selected watersheds and then set targets for various socio-economic and environmental values.

From there, the younger students teamed with with older students and, through a scenario-planning approach, tried to create their “perfect society” with a blend of economical and environmental factors.

A pilot version of BC Tomorrow is being run in SD83 and, when the bugs are all worked out, will be made generally available.

The project is being made possible by generous support from The Real Estate Foundation of BC, ALCES Land Use and Landscape Ltd, Vancity, Telus, The Shuswap Foundation, Integral Ecology Group, RBC BlueWater Program, Shuswap Naturalists, and CE Analytic. Without all this support, the development of BC Tomorrow would not be possible, comments Ramsey.

After the hard work, the Chef Training class baked and gave the visiting youngsters some cookies to go with their lunch! After the quick break they toured the arts and cooking classes to see the older students in action.

The day wrapped up with some math activities before heading back to their own school!

If you are interested in learning more about the BC Tomorrow project click here for the website.

If you are interested in the Outdoor Learning Program at South Canoe click here for the website.

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  1. Marianne VanBuskirk

    What a wonderful glimpse of excellent activities happening at Salmon Arm Secondary and how staff and students are engaging with the younger students of South Canoe Elementary!

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