Parent Curriculum Night

Parent Curriculum Night

We had 45 parents show up for an evening of information and great questions regarding the new curriculum and the new grad program.

Pat Duncan, Superintendent of Learning with the Ministry of Education, presented in the afternoon to 40 School District educators and then in the evening to 45 parents.

The presentation went into the reasons for changes in the curriculum, where British Columbia ranks in the world (top  3 in reading, sometimes #1, and top 6 in Mathematics), our changing society, and provincial assessments (Numeracy 10, Literacy 10, Literacy 12) and the timelines.

Parents had great questions around how this connects with University entrance, how does this support all students and how will teachers, schools and all students be supported.

In April the School District will be going out to a number of our communities with ‘New Curriculum’ information evenings so that more parents can hear information and ask questions.Parent night.jpg

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