Education Plan

Parents and the broader community will soon have easy access to SD83’s Education Plan.

This details of this plan, and the website which it will be hosted, were approved in principle at the Board of Education meeting at A.L. Fortune in Enderby on Tuesday evening.

Superintendent of Schools/CEO Peter Jory reported that an Education Plan is critical in regard to establishing and maintaining learning priorities, as well as promoting transparency and local and provincial accountability.

He explained school districts in British Columbia traditionally reported out twice per year to the Ministry of Education, once in June with the District Achievement Contract, and once in January with the Superintendent’s Report on Achievement. These two reports provided overlapping information and the publication dates often did not line up with key Ministry data releases. In 2016, the Deputy Minister gave school districts the ability to report out in a format of their choice.

SD83 has chosen to utilize a website format to serve the dual functions of Ministry reporting and education planning. This decision was driven by an interest in connecting with a broader audience, while being able to easily update it as information becomes available, thereby providing the most current information available to local and provincial audiences. The website can be located at:

The Enhancing Student Learning site is divided into five pages, each accessible by using the menu bar near the top of the screen:

District Achievement Goals

The District Achievement Goals have been set at the following:

These goals, though somewhat arbitrary, have been set in consultation with senior staff, school principals, and the 83Learns Committee, in an attempt to reflect the learning needs of our students while recognizing their current level of progress. It should be noted that the Provincial Literacy and Numeracy Assessments are still in their formative stages, and the Foundation Skills Assessment has recently been revised and the assessment dates moved closer to the beginning of the school year. As well, the Core Competencies are featured in the Renewed Curriculum and therefore this locally developed assessment is new as well. Conversely, the Six Year Graduation Rate is well-established and has been used in the province for a number of years.

Additional assessments and strategies will be added to the Education Plan in its future iterations in response to changing results and in consultation with educators and other stakeholders.

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