Students earn scholarships

Students earn scholarships

Seventeen of SD83’s Youth Work in Trades students (formerly known as secondary school apprenticeships) will soon be receiving a $1,000 scholarship!

Congratulations to Stanley Pinyon (Recreation Vehicle Service Technician), Tyrus Waite (Welder), Austin-James Martindale (Welder), Kyona Bruns (Dairy Production Technician), Nikita Chapman (Hairstylist), Alex Muir (Carpenter), Selina Madore (Hairstylist), Katelynn-Marie Webster (Hairstylist), Cameron Watson (Aircraft Maintenance Technician), Bryce Roberge (Motorcycle Mechanic), Daniel Danley (Motor Vehicle Body Repairer), Marshall Wiersema (Metal Fabricator-Fitter), Byryn Pitnoczko (Truck and Transport Mechanic), Margaret Lowe (Hairstylist), Kordell Bennett (Metal Fabricator-Fitter), Kyle Lessard (Heavy Equipment Operator), and Gavin Dwornik (Metal Fabricator (Fitter) and Welder).

Career Education Supervisor Reid Findlay explains students who are registered youth apprentices earn the scholarship by completing and reporting at least 900 hours in an apprentice hours to the ITA by December 31 of the year the student turns 19, graduate with a Grade 12 Dogwood or Adult Dogwood, successfully completed WRK 11A, 11B, 12A and 12B, and have a C+ average or better in their grade 12 courses.

For more information on how to be part of this valuable program, students please contact any of the SD83’s high school career counsellors. Employers if you are interested in apprenticing a student please contact Jessica Landau, the S83 Youth WORK in Trades Community Liaison. Landau can outline the benefits of being part of the program, including provincial and federal tax credits for employers who hire apprentices registered in Industry Training Authority (ITA) apprenticeship programs.

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