Me to We Student Team

District Student Me to We Committee at Board meeting

The District Student Me to We Committee shared their award, information about their committee and the impact that being part of this program has made to them and to others at the SD83 Board of Education meeting on Tuesday.

In November, the SD83 District Student Me to We Committee, which is comprised of representatives from each of the district’s middle and high schools, received the first ever “Get Doing” award at We Day Vancouver, a social movement which promotes the power of youth helping youth globally and locally. Richard Jurasek and Rhys Middleton accepted the award on behalf of the student committee.

At the Board meeting students talked about some of the activities they are involved with including Toonie Tuesday (where all students and staff are asked to donate a toonie for local and global projects, over the years this has been running this activity has raised $140,000), We Scare Hunger (collect for food banks), Water Walks (a fundraiser for Toonie Tuesday and also raises student awareness and knowledge about the importance of clean water), and trips to countries such as Sierra Leone, Ecuador and rural China to help build schools (and a huge goat pen), working with Me to We and, in particular, Spencer West, and the inspiration he is for them.

In presenting the award to Board Chair Marianne VanBuskirk, student Rhys Middleton said that he recognizes that he is just the representative. “The award is for everyone who supports Toonie Tuesday.”

VanBuskirk told the students they were role models to not just fellow students but to many adults as well. “It is really moving that you are enabling students to want to learn and to want to help. I really appreciate your presentation.”

Vice Chair Quentin Bruns, whose daughter took part in the trip to rural China, asked the group to explain how they choose which country to support. 

They explained that the student committee has a retreat at the end of summer where a representative of Me to We comes and does a presentation on the countries where projects are taking place. Committee members divide up and do some research and present back to the group, all the data is compiled and a decision is made. This year the committee will be dividing the money sending half to Nicaragua and half to Tanzania.


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