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ME-to-WE-logoCongratulations to the SD83 Student Me to We Committee, which just received word that it will be recognized for its hard work through the “Get Doing Award” at WE Day this year, set to go on November 22 at Roger’s Arena in Vancouver. The “Get Doing Award ” celebrates youth who have gone above and beyond to make their communities and the world a better place.

The District 83 Student Me to We Committee has been operating since 2006.  Following the “Me to We” philosophy, the committee is “for youth, by youth”.  Over the year student leaders rotate the committee chair position and work as a team to make excellent decisions, explains Principal Wendy Woodhurst, who along with teacher Lisa Coombs-Smith, are the committee’s sponsors.

SD83 Me to We Student CommitteeThe 2018 committee includes returning members Maddison Coombs, Keeya Corbett, Destaney Dean, Katie Findlay, Brynn Gowen, Andrew Hall, Richard Jurasek, Rhys Middleton, Brody Mitchell, Sebastian Nyeste, Chris Ollinger, Haleigh Parker, Taylor Parker, Sunny Pickup, Ethan Pyle, and Fiona Young.  Students are selected by their leadership teachers in each of SD 83’s middle and secondary school as being outstanding “leaders of leaders” to join the committee, and most commit to the committee from middle school right through to graduation.  This year, the committee is welcoming Maddison Collins from A.L. Fortune and is looking for new representatives from Carlin Elementary Middle School, Len Wood Middle School, and Eagle River Secondary to add to the group.

Over the past years, through the committee’s leadership with the annual Toonie Tuesday fundraiser (which this year was on October 23), SD83 students and staff  have raised over $130,000 to support both local and global causes.

Some of the funds raised by Toonie Tuesday, can be applied for by student leadership groups for a local project. The District 83 Me to We Committee considers all of these requests and determines which should be supported.  Local projects have ranged from food bank donations, knitting scarves for the homeless, making dog biscuits for the SPCA, providing wheelchairs for students to experience wheelchair basketball, and Saturday babysitting organized by leadership students to give parents a break.

A new batch of projects will soon be under consideration by the committee as the grant applications for funding from the 2018 Toonie Tuesday were recently sent out to principals to share with leadership teachers.

Global funds from Toonie Tuesday have built schools and adopted villages in Sierra Leone, Kenya, Ghana, rural China, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Tanzania.  Several of the committee members have spent their Spring Break in these villages working alongside community members, and further enhancing their leadership skills.

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