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A new slate of performing arts courses, which could be of interest to not only students interested in performing arts but figure skaters and gymnasts as well, will soon be offered by SD83’s Education Outreach Program (EOP).

At the Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, EOP Principal Reid Findlay presented a proposal, which was approved by Official Trustee Mike McKay, that will allow the school district to partner with Coilean Arts Inc. to offering 23 performing arts courses, all of which meet the new B.C. Ministry of Education curriculum and were developed by a graduate of Pleasant Valley Secondary School in Armstrong together with a longtime SD83 EOP teacher.

These courses were created by Will Cullen, a 2008 grad who earned the top performing arts student award at PVSS,  in consultation with a retired EOP teacher.

After graduating from PVSS, Will went on to do a Musical Theatre Degree in Toronto followed by an MA in Classical and Contemporary Theatre in Glasgow before returning to the Okanagan, where he is now eager to share his knowledge with students.

In his presentation, Findlay points out many students across British Columbia are involved in a community program in the performing and athletic arts: dance, skating, gymnastics, theatre. In addition, there are students living in remote communities in BC, who would like to develop performing arts skills and knowledge, but they simply are not available within their community.  These programs can provide that opportunity.

He noted most performing arts teachers, studios, skating clubs, etc. are unaware that the students they are working with could be receiving high school credit for their work. Probably most students are unaware also.

Before approving the proposal, McKay had several questions for Findlay to ensure the district was not over-committing and that this program was still sustainable if EOP (Distance Learning) funding was changed, as is being currently considered at the provincial level.

Findlay answered McKay’s questions and assured him that there was no commitments to the external contractor except through activation of a student (so when the student completes five per cent of the course, the school district receives funding from the Ministry, which is when the external contractor would also be paid).

After receiving approval, Findlay commented this is a wonderful opportunity for students to receive credits for provincially authorized courses that align with their passions and interests.

Here are complete details about the proposal and the courses offered:

Briefing note on EOP proposal – EOP Online P&AA Courses Proposal

Arts 10 Education Curriculum – Arts Education 10 _ Building Student Success

Arts 11 Education Curriculum – Arts Education 11 _ Building Student Success

Arts 12 Education Curriculum – Arts Education 12 _ Building Student Success

For further information contact Erinn Milne at EOP at (250) 832-0662.


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      This is just the new performing arts courses. Have you checked out EOP’s website for the choices? If what you are looking for isn’t there please give them a call to see if they can help!

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