Budget adjustments

A small surplus at the end of the school year coupled with an increase in enrolment has resulted in additional funding for the school district to put into such areas as teacher staffing, increasing counsellors, and Numeracy and Literacy Intervention.

Interim Secretary-Treasurer Bruce Hunt explained additional revenue is available from when the preliminary budget was approved in June 2018. This includes an unrestricted surplus from the 2017-18 budget of $230,952, an increase of 36 FTE for $259,805, the preliminary budget contingency of $240,000 as well as increases in special education enrolment and Indigenous education enrolment for a total of $848,357.

Hunt explained the budget adjustments have been prepared by the Senior Leadership Team, and reviewed with the Partner Group Table. They incorporate both changes from increased enrolment and service improvements.

Hunt also noted that the plan also sets aside .5 per cent of the budget ($320,000) as a contingency fund in case there are unexpected costs.

“This is a good plan,” commented Official Trustee Mike McKay in giving it approval. He thanked Hunt for bringing to the forefront the importance of contingency fund, which was well discussed at the Partner Group Table.

The complete spending plan is available here – 2018-19 Final Budget Recommendations

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