Updates from the Board

Enrolment changes

New students have arrived but others have left, so as September goes along enrolment numbers have dropped slightly.

Superintendent of Schools/CEO Peter Jory  reported at the board meeting on Tuesday at the DESC that as of September 18th the full time equivalency (FTE) numbers was 6,312, which is 19 below last Spring’s projected number of  6,331 FTE.  Earlier this month enrolment was sitting just about the same amount over projections, however, Jory explained, part of the reason for this is because schools know of new students coming in but not necessarily of students leaving.

He added as secondary students add courses this brings up the FTE. He is hopeful to be at or above projections by the end of the month, when the official count goes to the Ministry.

School districts are funded on FTE as opposed to head count. So, for example, if a student is taking two courses the district is funded for a part time student. If a students takes more than a full course load then districts are funded for the additional courses, so for example, one student may bring in 1.25 funding.

Off to Hawaii

The Jewels soccer team will be off to Honolulu, Hawaii to take part in preseason training and exhibition games over Spring Break 2019.

At the Board meeting on Tuesday, retired teacher Tricia Martin requested approval for the field trip, commenting there were already 12 players and seven to nine supervisors committed to taking part on the trip.

Martin explained people are wondering why, as a retired teacher, she would want to take this on, and she said, the answer is because of the students.

“This group of girls, especially the grade 12 girls, I’ve known for a long time and they are exceptional. They are committed to the soccer program and I strongly believe in rewarding that commitment.”

Orange Shirt Day

Superintendent of Schools/CEO Peter Jory noted that Orange Shirt Day is taking place on Friday, September 28 in our school district. He added there will be activities happening throughout the district, with Len Wood Middle School hosting the official ‘SD83’ Orange Shirt Day gathering this year.  At Len Wood there will be cultural performances and presentations by honoured speakers, including Elizabeth Tenning, the mother of our District Principal of Indigenous Education Anne Tenning. Elizabeth is a survivor of the Kuper Island Residential School and will speak about her experiences.

New Secretary-Treasurer

Jory commented he is happy to announce that Alanna Cameron is the successful candidate for the position of SD83 Secretary-Treasurer. Alanna has more than ten years of financial and administrative experience within the education sector, and eight in a senior management position. Alanna has been the Secretary-Treasurer for School District No. 82 (Coast Mountains) since 2010, as well as part-time Secretary-Treasurer for School District No. 92 (Nisga’a) from 2015-2017. She will be joining us in January, he noted, with interim Secretary-Treasurer Bruce Hunt capably helping out until then.

Paralympic athlete shares experiences with younger students

Jory also added that Salmon Arm Secondary Grade 12 student Natalie Wilkie, who last year captured a gold, silver and bronze medal in cross country skiing at the Paralympics, will be speaking to students in her former elementary school about following their dreams, no matter what obstacles are put in front of them.

On October 3, Natalie will be sharing some advice about overcoming obstacles with Ranchero Elementary students as well as giving them a behind-the-scenes look at what life was like at the Paralympic Games in South Korea.

Registration process

Jory also reminded all those at the meeting that for the second year SD83 is following a new registration process which is more equitable for parents and allows more planning time for the school district.

Kindergarten registration, and registration for Early French Immersion and the Outdoor Learning Program for September 2019 will take place on Tuesday, Oct. 9. All registrations on this date are considered equal and if there are not enough seats, enrolment will be determined by a lottery.



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