New students register

Welcome to all the new students who registered for school in School District No. 83 on August 28. Registration was as expected in most areas, but some schools have had more than anticipated registration, which may mean that new classes need to be added.
“This is a good problem to have,” reports Assistant Superintendent Carl Cooper, who in consultation with Superintendent of Schools Peter Jory and other members of the senior leadership team are determining where classes will be added.
He comments that all school principals and their staff are working to have classes set up as soon as possible so that students will know what class they are in and who their teacher is. However, for some “hot spot” areas such as M.V. Beattie, Highland Park and South Broadview, it may be a couple of days after school starts before this can be determined.
Cooper comments that in the past it was found to be very disruptive, especially for elementary students to start in a class and then be moved. “They form relationships with their teacher and classmates and it is hard, even after a couple of days, to move students to a different class.” This is one of the reasons why students are not assigned to a class until school enrolment is known.
“Right now, we know who our new students are, but what we don’t know is if some of our other students left us over the summer. As soon as we know this, our goal is to have all of our students in their class as soon as possible.”

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