Educational Outreach offers choice

The North Okanagan Shuswap is proud to offer a Distributed Learning program option for students in Grades 9 through 12.  The Education Outreach Program (EOP) is one of fifty-five Distributed Learning (DL) programs offered in B.C. that are designed to provide increased access, choice and flexibility for study outside of classroom schedules.  Students can register with EOP full time or take individual courses that are of interest to them as cross-enrolled students.  Students taking online courses through EOP learn primarily from a distance using Moodle (our learning management system), but we do have teachers embedded in secondary schools to provide support to students who are locally cross-enrolled with EOP.  We provide a full range of academic and elective offerings.  You can view these offerings at the EOP website (

Students interested in taking EOP are welcome to register online through this site.  Distributed Learning programs have continuos intake which affords them the opportunity to register at any point during the school year.  Students often navigate this decision with the support of counsellors at our secondary schools, but this is not a requirement.  Students are allowed a full year to complete their courses, but the availability of teaching staff is limited during the summer months.


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