Board Authority/Authorized Courses

Board Authority/Authorized Courses

Presented with revised Ministry expectations regarding Renewed Curriculum, School District No. 83 staff conducted a review of Board/Authority Authorized (BAA) course offerings to determine what changes needed to be made.

At the School District No. 83 (North Okanagan-Shuswap) Board of Education meeting on June 19 Vice Principal Chelsea Nyeste reported to the Official Trustee that the school district has 80 BAA courses. “Starting this year and continuing next we will be looking at them all.”

She noted that they need to determine which BAA courses should be retired as they no longer meet requirements or are now redundant due to additional Ministry course offerings. The remining courses need to reflect the new “Know-Do-Understand” curriculum model.

When looking to update the BAA courses, district staff used updated ministry documents to guide their work, explained Superintendent Peter Jory.

Nyeste presented the first group of updated BAA courses and asked for, and received, approval for the courses to continue. She explained a little about each of the courses (full details are available here). Approved are Leadership 10/11/12, Psychology 12A/12B, Peer Tutor 10/11/12, Teaching Assistant 10/11/12,  Introduction to Fitness 10,  Hockey Academy 10/11/12, Local Politics 11/12 and Cosmetology 10.

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9B – BN – BAA Courses

9B.8 – 2018 BAA Cosmetology 10

9B.7 – 2018 BAA Local Politics 11-12

9B.6 – 2018 BAA Hockey Academy 10-11-12

9B.5 – 2018 BAA Introduction to Fitness 10

9B.4 – 2018 BAA Teaching Assistant 10-11-12

9B.3 – 2018 BAA Peer Tutor 10-11-12

9B.2 – 2018 BAA Psychology 12A 12B

9B.1 – 2018 BAA Leadership 10-11-12


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