Math Olympics

Inaugural SD83 Math Olympics a huge success.  We had 180 students participate in the first every SD83 Math Olympics, May 16th at Shuswap Middle School with teams from almost every school.  Events included creative math problem solving, architectural builds, Sudoku 3-Dimensional challenges, bungee cord tensile strength problem and many more mathematical thinking challenges.

Thanks to Numeracy Coordinator Val Edgell for her many hours of preparation and work and her great team including Heather Lawless who organized all high school helpers, Doug Smith official scorer, and material preparation, Jared King for set-up. We had a number of parents help with stations and driving.  School based teachers and principals who organized teams and helped on the day.  Appreciation to Alana Giesbrecht and her cooking classes for baking cookies for all the participants.  Al Novakowski for helping with costs and also design of medals.  Finally, lots of appreciation to Heather Lawless’s 30 SAS math students who played a big role helping on the day and scoring results.


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