In case of flooding

In case of flooding

As everyone in the region closely watches the water levels, we are communicating with you in anticipation of potential road closures impacting student transportation. The situation in most areas of the district is stable as of today, but could change on short notice with warmer temperatures or even a small amount of rain.

Changes to routes prior to school opening will be shared through the normal processes, which include the District website, local radio, and social media. Rising water during the school day could lead to students being unable to return home by normal means, or to students having to be returned home ahead of regular time. Please note the overview of these two processes below, and the main geographical areas of concern below that.

Process for transportation when students cannot be returned home:

  • Contact parents by Synervoice or phone
  • Arrange for student to be picked up at alternate safe location
  • If parents can’t be reached or are unable to meet at alternate location, the student will be returned to catchment school or nearest safe school

Process for transportation when students need to be returned home early:

  • Contact parents by Synervoice or phone
  • If the student can’t be returned home, the student would be returned to catchment school or  to the nearest safe school

Geographic areas of concern:

  • Hwy 1 bridge west of Salmon Arm
  • Eagle Bay Rd (Blind Bay/ Eagle Bay)
  • Sunnybrae Rd (Tappen)
  • Salmon Valley (Silver Creek)
  • Mable Lake Rd (Enderby)
  • Powerhouse Rd (Armstrong)

If your family resides in one of these geographic areas, or another that is impacted by flooding or closures, we would ask you over the coming weeks to be available by phone on days when conditions may change, in case the school or Transportation Department needs to contact you. As always, Department staff will remain on duty until the last student has been picked up or dropped off, and can be reached at 250-832-9415.

First and foremost, it is critical that our students are safe and their parents and guardians are informed. We thank you in advance for your support with these matters, and hope very much that the impact of high water remains minimal this year.

We have further general information about emergency & weather closures here:

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