Renewed Curriculum

The Impetus for Change

The core value underlying the proposed curriculum, assessment and graduation requirements is to help students succeed and thrive in a world that is changing – rapidly and radically. The change is driven by increased use and reliance on digital and other technologies (including artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation), greater integration of economies worldwide (international trade), and shifting demographics (including an aging population and urbanization). Society and the citizens of tomorrow will rely less on content knowledge (what they know) and more on what they can do with what they know with an ongoing need to continue to learn and grow.

Education must continue to adapt and adjust our practices and policies to respond to global shifts and student needs. British Columbia’s education system is consistently one of the best in the world and has been recognized internationally for its excellence. Its success in large part has been a result of the system’s focus on strong leadership, quality educators, high standards, continuous improvement, and monitoring of progress and achievement throughout all levels of the education system.

The Ministry of Education’s Renewed Curriculum is available here.