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FSA report
Wed, Dec 20, 2017 9:30 AM
One of the many assessement tools which school districts use to determine student achievement over time is the Ministry's Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA) standardized tests that students take in grade 4 and 7.
At the meeting on Tuesday, Director of Instruction Carl Cooper outlined the latest round of FSA results stating that, after several years of decreasing results, the last two years shows an encouraging upwards trend.
"We still aren't where we want to be and we have work to do," he commented while presenting slides outlining the five year trends. He noted that while there is an overall upward trend in writing district results are still below provincial averages, and that more resources will need to go towards supporting students' writing abilities.
Cooper added to support student achievement in reading, writing and numeracy, the school district has expanded the literacy intervention program to seven schools, added literacy intervention at middle school, expanded numeracy helping teachers, held staff and parent numeracy events, and brought in numeracy expert Carole Fullerton to work with four schools.
He added the numeracy committee has done great work in identifying critical kindergarten through grade 5 numeracy skills and concepts for students, ones that need to be understood so that they can be built upon as students progress through the grades, and sharing them with teachers.
Looking ahead, Cooper says the district hopes to establish a summer reading program in Armstrong and Salmon Arm.

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