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Can I take it on the school bus?
Tue, Aug 29, 2017 9:37 AM
Operations manager Trevor Bettcher wants to raise awareness about safety regulations about transporting large items (equipment, sports equipment musical instruments etc.) on school buses. "Any equipment or items smaller than 30 inches (77 cm) may be transported if they are kept on the student's lap without impeding the seat of another student, and if carried in an appropriate case. For example musical instrument, ice skates/roller blades (in protective canvas bag),  skateboards and scooters (in protective canvas bag or backpack). Please note hockey sticks, skis, poles, snowboards, longboards, large musical instruments, and similar large items will not be transported inside the school bus."
"Larger items (over 30 inches) used for approved school programs may only be transported after receiving prior approval from the transportation office. These items will need to be transported in the exterior luggage compartment under the bus. A pre-approved "safe" bus stop is required in order for this equipment to be safely loaded in the exterior luggage compartment. These items should be in a protective waterproof case. Transportation will not be responsible for damage to equipment or instruments (examples include hockey gear, trombone, guitar, saxophone, snow boards, skis, poles and hockey sticks). Also, please note if a student rides a different bus home which does not meet the above requirements, the items will not be transported. Not all buses are equipped with an exterior luggage compartment."
He noted there are also a number of unusual items that will require pre-approval from the transportation office (250 832-9415) in order to be transported on the school bus, for example pumpkins! Small pumpkins may be transported if they are contained within a sturdy canvas bag or backpack. Students need to be able to hold onto the bag/backpack during the trip and safely manage the article while getting on and off the bus. Also, class projects as some of these projects are large and difficult to manage safely while getting on and off the bus. "As per the Motor Vehicle Act regulations and District Policy, some items will not be transported on a school bus including laser pointers, booster seats, weapons, animals, or drugs & alcohol."