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Strategic Plan Working Group Update
Tue, Jun 13, 2017 10:56 AM
June 13, 2017
Strategic Planning Process Update:

On Monday, May 8th, incoming Superintendent Peter Jory joined the two dozen members ofthe Strategic Planning Working Group in support of the on-going development of the District’sStrategic Plan. The working group reviewed the work to date, including the additions made atthe retreat of building and District leadership in late April. Led by PCG, the conversation wasanchored in the existing priorities with an emphasis on shaping the District to be a place inwhich curiosity is cultivated, academic development supported, and social and emotionalgrowth strengthened. The group of students, teachers, administrators, district operations,unions, community representatives, and parents embarked on conversations of what goals andstrategies would support the organizational alignment and management to place students first.This conversation represents a collapsing of six previously identified priorities into two –‘Student First’ and ‘Organizational Management’.

The group emphasized that ‘Students First’ is the defining purpose of the school system.Everything the District does should be in the interest of serving students’ academic needs andgoals, as well as address their overall District well being. Within ‘Students First’, conversationsspanned addressing students reading performance; inclusive participation and representation;personal choice; and, healthy relationships. The conversation will continue to identify specificoutcomes and strategies to apply in the coming years.

Addressing ‘Organizational Management’ is a key strategy in which the needs, development,and support of students is the singularly desired outcome, ‘Students First’. Thus, theorganization must be healthy to best support students first. The conversations aroundorganizational health included clarity of focus/purpose, alignment of systems, and structures tosupport the workforce. By addressing these, the working group is working to build improvedtransparency, accountability, and financial governance.

The Strategic Planning process continues to evolve, and the work will continue under theleadership of Peter Jory upon his arrival in August. PCG will continue to support thedevelopment of the plan, working with the leadership team and socializing the plan forfeedback and improvements with the Strategic Planning Working Group and each of the schoolsites. In August, PCG plans to refine the elements of the plan with clarity around keyperformance indicators (i.e., goals) and possible working strategies. Shortly thereafter, theworking document will be shared with schools for their feedback and input. A working planshould be ready for broader distribution in the early fall, when schools will find ways toimplement the plan in support of student learning.

For additional information please feel free to contact, Joan Streefkerk at (250) 826-3514 .